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The Fenton Lab

Synthetic Materials Chemistry at Penn State

Abstract Bubbles


Developing fundamentally new materials, and new ways to fabricate them, is the core of the research program in The Fenton Lab. Work in our group focuses on creative synthetic problem solving at the interface of inorganic and organic materials, covering a range of fundamental and application-driven inquiries in colloidal nanosolids, porous materials, polymers, and extended hybrid solids. 

Featured Publications

Polycrystalline Covalent Organic Framework Films Act as Adsorbents, not Membranes

Work from Julie's postdoctoral studies in the Dichtel group uncovered an unexpected mechanism driving separations in covalent organic framework films. Here, we re-evaluated claims that thick COF films behave as size-selective membranes and find them to be incorrect. Instead, these materials behave as adsorbents. Check out all the details in J. Am. Chem. Soc.!

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